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Find The Perfect Shopify Theme For Your Online Store
Honest customer reviews for 82 top Shopify themes by 23 theme developers. Read reviews, compare features and choose the best Shopify theme for your business.
Selling Themes on Shopify
Millions of merchants around the world use Shopify to run their business. With access to powerful developer tools and distribution opportunities, Shopify is the platform to flex your creativity and build themes for every part of ecommerce.
How to Use Block Scheduling to Revamp Your Workflow
This simple productivity system helps organize the chaos of work and life—and it uses tools you probably already have.
How To Test Your Theme Before Submitting To The Shopify Theme Store
When developing themes for the Shopify Theme Store, it’s critical to test your project regularly to ensure required features are working as expected and to understand how your theme responds to different conditions. In fact, the quality assurance (QA) process can be the most important stage in your journey to launching a theme on the Shopify Theme Store.
Are memberships the new loyalty program?
According to a recent McKinsey study, members of paid loyalty programs are 60% more likely to spend more on the brand after subscribing. If your client is looking for a way to boost high margin revenue and create a VIP class of customers, check out Conjured Memberships. Built by devs, for devs.

Code & Tools

AJAX: fetch cart products w/ metafield data - Shopify Community
I want to fetch all cart products via AJAX, but also return metafield data along with it - but I'm Stuck! Has this ever happened to you? Read along to see how Zachary solved his problem.
Lookbook gem is perfect for Polaris Components
The Lookbook gem becomes better and better with every new release. Apart from components previews, it offers a basic documentation generator now. Perfectly fits Polaris ViewComponents needs.
Check if Array Contains an Object in JavaScript
Compare several different methods for how to check whether an array contains a specific object in Javascript.
Theme Development with Tailwind CSS & Alpinejs
Here's a playlist from Code Inspire where they show how to build a fully functional Shopify theme from scratch.


There is nothing new under the sun. At least, not this week.


Nothing on the radar. Know of something coming up? Let us know!


Partner Marketing Manager, remote
Own the partner-facing communication project management that aligns with and accomplishes deadlines, goals, and outcomes. These projects will be a key driver of relationship development and mutual value from a brand building and demand generation perspective for mutual growth.
Freelance Shopify Developer, PT (Remote)
We're looking for someone to join our team as a Freelance Shopify Developer to build, edit and customize Shopify themes. The ideal candidate will have experience building custom Shopify themes.

Tip of the Week

Specify Status param for /admin/api/order.json Endpoint

When retrieving a list of orders, it's important to specify the status.

The documentation is a little unclear as the status param isn't listed in the body of the documentation, but it is shown on the endpoint 'callout'


If you expand the 'hidden' portion of the param documentation you can see the status column along with the potential values:

  • open: Show only open orders.
  • closed: Show only closed orders.
  • cancelled: Show only canceled orders.
  • any: Show orders of any status, including archived orders.