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KRC E-Newsletter – July 22, 2022
SGM Minutes from June 6th, 2022 
These minutes are posted now on the website, however, these minutes cannot be approved until the November AGM but we thought they would be of interest to the membership at large. SGM June 6th, 2022
“The Fill”
At the June 6th SGM “The Fill”, access to the area and the portables on the fill were the concerns at the top of the list for not only the Board but the membership as well.
The area of the fill was blocked of on June 7th and remains so until the next steps can be completed.

The portables were removed and carefully stored on June 15th thanks to Steve Niemeier, Kevin Day, Tracey Avery and 4 of Kevin’s employees.

Tuesday, June 21 the fill was raked by Stacy Lund and John Verkerk so that we could have it inspected again.   We talked to several different companies about the fill and it was inspected by the City and ABC Metals.  ABC metals felt they could not help us and suggested before sealing we could walk the area with handheld magnets if there was concern. There are large rocks and pieces of concrete but that is typical of clean construction grade fill material and if any recyclables are in the fill if sealed properly, they will not be a problem.

GeoTech Companies do inspect or assess fill.  They are responsible for testing and ensuring ground for load bearing capability.
Volunteer opportunity:  Going over the area with Magnets:  I spoke with Innovative Management who said they did not think they could help us but would offer at no charge a 24” handheld magnet that we could walk the property with that may pull up some nails if they are near the surface.  It will not pull anything except steel.  The Board has decided to do this and will schedule time the week of July 25th. We also have three magnets at the club so we would like to have 4 volunteers to help walk the area.  Please let us know if you are interested. Contact:

[email protected]
In addition to the above I contact a friend, who has owned his own building company for 50 years, was President of the Chamber of Commerce, and asked his advice.  He walked the entire area on Friday, July 15th for me and has no concerns over the fill.  He did not see any tires, bottles, or large pieces of anything other than rock and concrete.

His advice was the same as the what the Board had been told all along, we compact the area, cover it with 6” or more of crush, then seal with recycled asphalt in the barn area and place down rubber mats. As this is to be a pole barn and if we build then the pole foundation will go down into native soil and the fill will not be a problem.  If the club decides to put the portables back in this area the process would be the same.

Scott Contracting & Excavating advised the following. “if you put asphalt on top if there are any recyclables, the recyclables won’t come through.  Make sure some prep work gets done before you lay the asphalt. Prep 6 or more inches of clean engineered crush then put asphalt on top. A good asphalt company will prep with the crush for you, and you should be great to build your horse barns.”

The City of Kelowna has also inspected the site and will issue a building permit when we are at that stage.

Change is inevitable
The Board of the KRC is calling for a special SGM on Monday, August 15th for an election of additional Board members.
These newly elected board members would be elected to serve on the board from August 31st to the AGM in November.  The individuals elected will need to run for election at the AGM but if they choose to stand but would have a great opportunity to start their year well informed and offer continuity to the Board.
The reason for this is 4 board members are resigning their Board positions.  Amy Catton and Sars Zerr resigned in July due to work and personal constraints.  Moving away and a huge loss to our equestrian community will be Robin Whittall who is moving to Grand Forks at the end of August and Amanda MacCormack and family will be moving to Costa Rica at the end of September.

All these Directors have done an amazing job on behalf or the KRC.

If you would like to run for the Board, we encourage to let us know by August 1st, so we can list those candidates running in the official meeting notices.

Please send your name to the Communications Team at [email protected]
Bullying in the horse world is on the rise.
The equestrian world has always been full of differing approaches and opinions. Each has his or her own idea of what they believe to be the “right way, the only way.” Unfortunately, sometimes, that passion transforms into aggression and anger.
The way which some people choose to share disparaging opinions is toxic and can make the horse world, a barn or club extremely unpleasant at times.

We share a passion for horses, and our goal should be to foster a community that encourages riders to share their progress, get involved with local clubs and events without the fear of reprisal and hurtful comments. 
 Unfortunately, almost everywhere I go and mention the KRC I am told repeatedly that they don’t join because of the toxic environment of the Club.  Now that I have sat on the Board for over a year, I understand their reluctance and we have lost and continue to lose a lot of good equestrian members. A lot of times this behavior is between individuals and then escalates to a much larger scale, including messages to our board. I have also been informed countless times about a private Facebook page that continually disparages members of the club including myself.  

Please believe me if I knew a way to stop this disrespectful banter I would but it is up to the individuals who are part of this group to stop this behavior and work for the good of the local equestrian community and foster a positive environment for all riders and disciplines to be welcome.  Our Club will only survive and thrive if the community is involved and supportive.

Good Sportsmanship Goes Beyond the Game; It Starts with Respect!
~Tommy Hilfiger

Message from the KRC President – Joan Niemeier
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