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How I Use ChatGPT for Shopify Tasks: Productivity, Writing & Coding - YouTube
Chat GPT is an AI tool with many practical uses for eCommerce and online businesses. It can explain code, write SEO-friendly product descriptions, improve product imports, generate simple layouts, bulk edit, write social media posts and blogs, and much more.
What’s New for Partners and Developers at Shopify
Learn about Commerce Components by Shopify, B2B APIs, our Liquid Prettier plugin, and more.
How to Add New Video Input Settings to a Shopify Theme
Shopify released the video input settings at the end of October 2022. Learn how you can extend the existing functionality of your own theme's input settings so videos can be uploaded to Shopify directly and chosen via a video picker in the customizer.
Code an Article Read Time Estimator
Today we'll be adding a read time estimator to our blog posts! Often times readers over-estimate how long something will take them to read. Adding a read time to your blog posts will not only increase your customer engagement, but also decreaes bounce rates!
Building on Dawn Theme [Part 2: Theme Overview]
This is an overview of the dawn theme that we will further customize in following tutorials.
What is Gadget?
Gadget is a node.js development platform that enables enterprise ecommerce brands, agencies and app developers to build and scale custom and public Shopify apps in a fraction of the time it takes today. The platform speeds up development by handling all of the boilerplate work involved in building apps: Shopify API connections, webhooks and data syncing, security, scaling infrastructure, and more.


Front-End Developer, Freelance Remote Anywhere
Our ideal candidate knows the Shopify space well and has a knack for figuring things out. You'll be working with a project manager to scope out budgets and timelines as well as working out best solutions for problems.
Project Manager, Full Time Flexible North America / Remote
Project Managers are responsible for bringing an entire project together, from managing scope, working through backlogs, contributing to task delivery, resource planning, timeline, and controlling budgets.
Front-End Developer, Full Time Remote UK
You will have experience building high-quality, responsive Shopify stores with extensive knowledge of Liquid. Excellent knowledge of Cross-browser HTML5+, ES6+ and CSS3+ (SCSS). GIT/Version Control should be second nature to you. Fluency in interpreting and working with third-party APIs

Code & Tools

Accessible hamburger buttons without JavaScript
Over the last decade hamburger buttons have become the de facto standard to expand larger menus on smaller devices. They are so ubiquitous that most users immediately know what their purpose is when seen in the top left or right corner.
How to add a hover effect to the header menu in the Shopify dawn theme
Here’s How to add a hover effect to Shopify’s main navigation bar in the Dawn theme.
Shopify ThemeKit for local theme development [Install & Setup]
Karl's Note: Shopify's CLI tool should be used for all new (OS 2.0) theme development but Theme Kit can still be useful when working with older themes - enjoy!

Hello Everyone, and welcome to this new article, today we gonna talk about Shopify ThemeKit, how we can install and set it up on our local machine.
How To Show Only Selected Variant Images – Dawn Theme
Do you want to show only selected variant images on your Shopify store? In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to do just that using the Dawn theme. This is a great way to highlight your most popular items or featured products.