Displaying Order Attributes To Customers Post Purchase 
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AARRR Metrics Framework: What Is It and How To Use It
AARRR is an abbreviation that stands for “acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue”. AARRR, often called the pirate metrics framework (as in “arr, matey”), helps Shopify Partners perfect their funnel by providing actionable metrics for each stage of the sales and marketing strategy. In this article, we’ll go through each part of the AARRR metrics framework, why it’s useful for growing Shopify apps, and how to improve outcomes in each part of the framework.
Displaying Order Attributes To Customers Post Purchase
Common uses are for delivery dates, wrapping options or status information beyond the standard Shopify ones. Once the customer has selected them, it can be useful to display these afterwards to remind your customers. This can be reassuring that they selected the correct options and save unnecessary support calls or emails to check.
How I added Coupon Code Discount On Shopify Cart Before Checkout Without Apps
Offering discounts to your customers is a powerful marketing strategy for your Shopify store. To offer discounts, you can create discount codes, and set up automatic discounts that can grow the engagement of your customers. Shopify gives customers the ability to enter coupon codes to get discounts on their orders. but it is only on the checkout page.
How to use Vue.js in Shopify Theme Development (Predictive Search API)
I’m gonna share a quick tutorial on how we can use Vue.js with Shopify’s own predictive search API to create a dynamic product search page. Vue.js is a front-end Javascript framework that we can use to build interactive user interfaces. In today's tutorial, I’m going to share one example of using Vue.js in Shopify theme development and that is to create a product search page for our Shopify theme. We’ll learn how to quickly set up a Vue.js app, retrieve a list of items from the search API and then update the list of items based on the value passed into the search bar by the user.
Shopify App Development is Sort of a Disaster
Over the last couple weeks I have been working on a simple Shopify App to prefetch the checkout page of a Shopify store, so the checkout page shows up faster for customers. The goal of the entire app is to add 800 bytes of JavaScript at the bottom each page. The JavaScript logic took about 2 hours to write. Making the rest of the app and getting it into the Shopify App store took another 50 hours.

Code & Tools

Getting started with Shopify theme development (from scratch / complete guide)
In this video you'll learn how to create custom Shopify themes completely from scratch. We'll make use of theme kit to sync our files with Shopify.
What’s New In DevTools: Halloween Edition
Our friendly DevTools teams at Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, and Apple have once again been hard at work. And in this article, I’ll attempt to summarize the most impactful new features that are now available in browser developer tools. So much has happened over these past few months that I may have missed a few things, but hopefully, you’ll find something that helps you in this article. There should be a little bit for everyone, whatever your level of experience with web development is, and whatever browser you use.
How to Use Google Sheets as a Database with React and Serverless
In this tutorial I’ll be explaining how to use Google Sheets as a database, to store the results of a user poll. I’ve used this Google Sheets approach for a number of marketing campaigns. I chose this method over a more traditional Database solution for one reason: Data retrieval.



Migrating theme commands over to CLI 3.0
Support for themes has been added to Shopify CLI 3.20. In addition to migrating over theme commands, Shopify CLI 3.20 now includes the ability to integrate Shopify CLI into your CI/CD pipeline to perform actions like pushing, pulling and publishing a theme.


Automatic GIF conversion to animated WebP
We've implemented an automatic GIF to animated WebP conversion process in our image processing pipeline, which improves performance by reducing delivered bytes by up to 50%.


Shopify Functions begins rollout to developers and merchants
Shopify Functions are available for developers to start customizing the backend logic of discounts. All non Shopify Plus merchants are able to install your apps today. Shopify Functions are not yet available to Shopify Plus merchants. We will provide an update when Functions become generally available to Plus brands.

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Shuttle ‑ Sync with Etsy - Effortless sync of products, inventories, orders & reviews
Need to sync Shopify with Etsy? Check out this app that claims to "Seamlessly maintain a real-time sync of stock levels, products, orders & reviews between your Etsy and Shopify shops. Whether you're just starting and need to transfer your inventory, or an established business that needs a continuous sync - Shuttle has all the tools for you."