Learn How To Fix Video Embed in Shopify Dawn Theme 
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Combining discounts
For some of your promotions, you might want to allow customers to combine discounts. You can choose from eligible combinations that allow customers to benefit from the best possible discount based on their cart. Automatic discounts and discount codes can be set up to combine.
How to Create a Cookie Consent Popup for Shopify for FREE!
Cookie means short term memory on the web. It allows you to store users' actions in their browsers and collect data etc. In order to use cookies, you need cookie consent, a small box asking visitors for permission to use their data once they enter the website.
Online store - Add dynamic checkout buttons to products
You can update the product form on the product page template to support dynamic checkout buttons. If your theme has a home page featured product section, then you can update the product form in that template as well.
7 Surprising Split Tests | Ecommerce Day LA w/ Kurt Elster
Most business owners would agree that data-driven decisions are preferable, so why then are we all overlooking split testing when making design decisions? In this episode, we talk through seven interesting split tests and the implications of their results. With one big caveat: there are no best practices...
How To Fix Video Embed in Shopify Dawn Theme - Responsive iframes
Is your embedded Youtube video too big on mobile and smaller screens? This is a common issue in many themes, especially Dawn and the free Shopify 2.0 themes. Luckily there is an easy way to fix this with just 3 lines of CSS.

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SSH Tips and Tricks
Since I joined Charm, I’ve been working and learning more about SSH, and I thought I would share a few quick tips and tricks with you.
Don't Get Lost - Understanding 'this' in Javascript.
tried to give the most time and repetition to the most confusing concepts. Default context is window, definition v invocation, method invocation v function invocation, callbacks and more!
How and When to Apply Session Storage with JavaScript
Session storage is a perfect alternative to cookies. Its syntax is quite straightforward. Beginners can easily learn and implement this storage.



Accelerated app creation and improved app insights
Hey all! Coming back at you with improvements to creating an app from the Partner Dashboard! We’re removing the need for you to enter in any kind of URL when you’re manually creating an app from the UI. Instead, we’ll generate placeholders for you in the App setup area. You can update these URLs when you're ready to test or distribute your app. We’ve also added a new Insights section to the app navigation, so you can discover everything from app history to API health without having to hunt around!


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Shopify App Developer
Hey folks, we have a few open developer roles at the company I'm contracting at. We're after mid-weight/senior Laravel and/or React developers that and are comfortable working with an existing Shopify app with around 5k+ users. DMs open for anyone interested and RTs appreciated!" / Twitter
Front-End and Full Stack, FT, Canada
Heather Tovey at iamota is hiring two new Canada-based team members for the iamota dev team: Front-End and Junior Full-Stack. Come work with me!