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This issue couples an excellent treatise on the importance of design for stores with an article showing how to implement one of the suggested tools (feature flags). Use your new powers and make those numbers go up!

News & Articles

What do developers need to know about store design?
For the past 10 years, our design consultancy has run a service that coordinates with internal teams to improve their stores. If you’re a developer reading this, and your clients aren’t thinking about design yet, you should consider raising the issue to them.
Quick tip: Create a feature flag system in your Shopify site for faster and safer deploys
A feature flag allows you to turn functionalities on and off during runtime (or your live theme for this matter), without the need to deploy specific code changes every time. It is also a quick way to roll back, and even give Shopify Administrators control over the functionalities of the theme.
Services to Offer as a Beginner Shopify Developer - How to Start Freelancing
BECOMING USEFUL. This is the key skill or mindset that will provide you with a constant stream of work when freelancing, because as developers we are focused on the HOW but forget the WHY. And this leads to a disconnect with clients. In this video I share some ideas for things you should definitely learn, because they will be common tasks when freelancing as a Shopify developer.
Overhyped & Under-Regulated: Zadeh Kicks, the Sneaker Arbitrage that Cost Customers Millions
To make sense of the story of Zadeh Kicks, we have to first understand a few other things: how a business can operate in a shadow space without direct ties to suppliers of its products; the dangers of non-traditional and high interest loans; why the sneaker resale business has become the hottest space in men’s fashion; and the platforms that hosted the business and processed the money, and became accomplices in its drastic downfall.

Code & Tools

Shopify Hydrogen and Oxygen
Shopify Hydrogen is a brand new front-end web development framework, but why and when should you use it and how do you even get started? That’s exactly what we’re covering in this video.
The Simplest Guide to Using Async/Await with forEach() in JavaScript (with Examples)
Using async/await with forEach() does not need to be a nightmare! Here are 4 solutions to your problem.
How to get the index of an iteration in a for-of loop in JavaScript
A for-of loop, introduced in ES6, is a great way to iterate over an array, but how can you get the index of an iteration?
The JavaScript reference
The JavaScript reference serves as a repository of facts about the JavaScript language. The entire language is described here in detail. As you write JavaScript code, you'll refer to these pages often (thus the title "JavaScript reference"). If you're learning JavaScript, or need help understanding some of its capabilities or features, check out the JavaScript guide.



Updates to our Partner Program Agreement effective August 3, 2022
We've made changes to our Partner Program Agreement. This includes terms noting that all apps may only be installed or otherwise initiated directly on or through applicable Shopify surfaces allowing us to help provide merchants the trust signals they need to make informed choices, as well as other updates. These changes come into effect as of today, August 03, 2022.


Make the most money from your email list - August 9th
In this session, we'll debunk common myths around email marketing and address the fears/concerns we often have about emailing too much. You'll walk away with a simple process to create consistent email marketing that can raise brand awareness, create higher engagement from your customers, and generate more revenue from your emails.
Google Analytics 4 and What It Means For Your Shopify Store - August 30th
If you have a Shopify store, you most likely have a Google Analytics account to uncover insights for growth. In October 2020, Google released the new GA4 but most of us continued to use Universal Analytics. However recently Google announced they will be sunsetting Universal Analytics and forcing us over to GA4.


Multiple Open Roles, Remote
Prismfly is growing quickly. We have lots of openings we're aiming to fill immediately. We're profitable and have grown in a sustainable fashion in our 2 years in business. We focus on long-term client and employee relationships and fire bad clients. We don't believe in working hard but more importantly working smart and not overworking our people. We have incredible people and amazing values that show in our day-to-day culture. If you're an A player, I'd love to have you on the team. We hire globally. We are fully remote. We require all candidates be fluent in English. We work 9-5 CST
Shopify Account Specialist
Our growing agency is in need of the right person to take on accounts after the sale is made, guiding clients through the many decisions that need made in order to define and achieve project goals. The most basic (and yet most important) qualifications would be excellent communication, critical thinking, and Googling skills. If you love working with people, diving into Shopify and the App ecosystem, and finding solutions for clients, let’s talk.
Front-End and Full Stack, FT, Canada
Heather Tovey at iamota is hiring two new Canada-based team members for the iamota dev team: Front-End and Junior Full-Stack. Come work with me!