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We recently shared the findings of a Diversity and Inclusion report on our social media which ranked GAP USA in the top position for adhering to the symbols of a modern and progressive workplace. As important and significant as this recognition is, measurable progress in increasing workplace diversity remains universally slow. There is no question about it, diverse teams leads to better results. Diversity brings perspective. A diverse team is less likely to lead to groupthink – a trap door to systemic dysfunction. But why do so many leadership roles (or all roles) still look and think the same? How can we help by creating more inclusive workplaces? These questions are explored and dissected by our Communications Director, Georgie Bradley, in a piece which you'll find in our Mind Lab.

This week we're also into re-upping your knowledge on some of the things we get up to among other things. Check out our E-commerce and Event Promotion services – two areas of our wheelhouse that are in hot demand more than ever – the former due to innovation doing its thing and the latter because in a post pandemic world, all we want to do is interface in person and not through a quadrant via Zoom – although we love (and extensively use) the platform, there's nothing like that in-person atmosphere.

In other news, China is leading the 6G (6!!) charge, but according to a whitepaper by Samsung it takes an average of ten years for a new standard to become ready for commercialization, as 5G took eight years. The tech giant suggested a potential rollout date of 2028-2030 for 6G, so there is a pressing need for progress to be made.

And on a completely different and final note, if you've got a 30-minute window in your day for some dark yet essential reading, click on "Miriam" by Truman Capote in 'Diversions'. You may well be moved in some way or another!

Till next week...a very seminal week for Team E.



Come One, Come All


As part of evolving a cohesive strategy for your company, events is one of the ways we engage with your customers and clients.

Fueled by a love for creative and experimental storytelling, we use an art, design and social engineering approach to our events. With a wide network of local and international contacts, we create high-quality events across all industries, based on specific audience needs and company goals.

Evoke International’s event promotion team can handle the most intimate to large-scale global promotions and campaigns for both brands and individuals, with unparalleled access and reach in the Middle East, Europe and North America. And everything in between – each of which, can have an enormous effect, especially if coupled with other forms of messaging – all the while maintaining and promoting the integrity of the brand and your reputation. We also take on a number of bespoke, specialized projects and campaigns for our clients upon request.

Not to toot our own horn, but we have worked with a rolodex of brands, like: Bentley; Rolls Royce; Annoushka; ExecuJet; LuxHabitat; Panerai; XXII Carat; Hakkasan; Yauatcha; Lifetime Kids Room; Red Bull; Voss; AlexanderJ; Natura Bisse; Dukes Dubai and Macallan.


EVOKE International

Embracing Innovation


We constantly seek to learn more about our clients and the market. That way, our services always remains relevant.

So, E-commerce. Where have you been all our lives? Well, actually, it's in all our lives right now, whether we like it or not. Because, shift happens, has happened and is constantly happening. As part of our E-Commerce services, we've got an end-to-end package to fully optimize E-Commerce platforms and solutions for your brand. As always it's data and strategy-backed so that your consumer has an ongoing personalized experience.

In our customization of your E-Commerce platforms, you'll always have access to real-time analytics, data mining and tracking so every move you make speaks directly to what your customer wants.




This is a space where we get into the feels of things. We share our thoughts, experience and industry insights on what has struck a chord or made us tick. And it's a chance for us to flex our digital penmanship.


Building Diversity at Work


How do we create diversity in teams? And why are we still far away from achieving it? In an Op-Ed, our Communications Director, Georgie Bradley, mulls over this ever-evolving agenda…




We’re always on the look out for dynamic change makers, disruptors and new information to fuel our own dexterity and creativity. So, this section sees a few of our recent picks on how the world’s outlook is changing. We hope these little nuggets will help you land on that 'aha!' moment you were looking for!




Where Survival Becomes a Full-Time Job




The World's Highest and Lowest Tuition Fees




China Leads the 6G Charge




We know everyone says it's not all work, it's about play, too – and as much as we don't want to sound like a broken record, there is truth in the truism. Like we said earlier, we are all about ingesting the complex and the trivial in equal measure. In fact, we love nothing more than thinking deeply about the more 'playful' things in life. Read ' em and ponder away.

Evoke International Dubai - PR, Strategic Communication, Marketing, Design

The B1M

Las Vegas is Building the World’s Largest Sphere


Look at Vegas being super Vegas right now.

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Evoke International Dubai - PR, Strategic Communication, Marketing, Design

Literary Fictions

"Miriam" by Truman Capote


Fancy an eerie and esoteric short story? Read this one in your lunch hour.

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Evoke International Dubai - PR, Strategic Communication, Marketing, Design


The Online Mountain Festival


Believe it or not, it's adventure inspiration at its finest.

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Anybody else feel 007 vibes with this song? It could be the next Bond theme...just saying.


Hooverphonic –

Mad About You





One can never be honorable if their success is achieved from fraudulent acts because lies never live to be old.


"Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud"


- Sophocles




In this week's edition of the most unlikely beaches in the British isles.

EVOKE - The Outlook





Boy, oh boy, Man O' War Beach is a sight to behold. England, why have you been hiding this gem?

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