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"Despite sabbaticals becoming more common (and needed), those that embark upon them typically have to figure out how to best use their time on their own.

Or worse, wade into the scammy content cesspool that is the travel blogosphere / travel vlogger community.

The best serious sabbatical takers have is to pack a copy of Vagabonding, or a stack of business books, and to hope the free time jiggles loose some hidden insight.

We can do better. And this is my attempt to help.

For this blog post, I spoke to a handful of people who embarked on their own sabbatical with one question in mind: 

How can we make the most of this career break? How can we come back to “normal” life recalibrated and renewed? What would you tell someone doing this for the first time? 

Consider this a cheat sheet."
How to take a sabbatical by Sean Blanda
The last 18 months have been weird for just about all of us.

If you’re considering taking a step back from work to pause and recalibrate, this article is essential reading in my view.

It offers a solid framework for navigating your time away through the lens of a series of quirky — and surprisingly practical — metaphors (from Chipotle to Marie Kondo). 🌯 🧹
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Career Moats 101 
"Job security is the ability to get your next job, not keep your current one."

This guide explores the process of building a “career moat” — career capital that’s rare and valuable enough to be a durable asset (not unlike the money in your bank account).
Podcast Episode
“If code scripts machines, media scripts human beings.”

This interview with Balaji Srinivasan — spanning everything from the path to personal freedom in our new world to the future of the media, education and the “pseudonymous economy” — is one of the most densely-packed and wide-ranging interviews I’ve ever heard. (And I’m a podcast fiend.)

It's also longer than your average Netflix movie — and it’s worth it.
The Crypto Future of Work 
Crypto is changing much more than currency.

This is a fascinating look at what the future of work might look like if it goes the way of decentralization. If you’re reading this newsletter, you’re likely well positioned for the shift.
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Just about everything on this subreddit gives me an irrational feeling of utter contentment. (If you'd describe power washing as "oddly satisfying," you'll love this.)
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