Check out our upcoming event and some amazing tips on getting prepared for the holiday season on this short edition. 🧳✈️
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Happy Holidays
The team at @Solutions Centre and @Occupational Therapy Services Group would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas period! We thank you for your support over the past year and are grateful to be part of such a positive community! We can't wait for more exciting initiatives in the New Year! 

Our teams will be recharging and enjoying some time off during this holiday period, with our offices closed from Friday 24, December 2021 and opening back up on Tuesday January 4, 2022.

You are welcome to leave us a message during this period for any urgent matters as someone will be monitoring messages & be in touch shortly afterwards.

The holiday period can be one marked with anxiety for those of us who experience disability. Many stores shut down, shipping times blow out and our lives become so busy it's hard to keep up with everything. Here is my little list of things to remember to do before Christmas and to keep life running smoothly over the festive season!
Top 5 AT Items For Travel
Portable Space Saver Toilet Seat Raiser
Folding Ramps
Collapsible Walker
Electric Folding Wheelchair
Portable Urine Bag
Arguably one of the most important things to keep on top of for those of us with chronic conditions. Over the holiday season, pharmacy trading hours may vary and some medications may end up on back order due to shipping delays. It’s important to make sure you have all of your scripts ready and in date - so it could be a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor to make sure you have everything you need, both for daily maintenance and in case of emergencies. Next, it can be very helpful to have your scripts kept at the pharmacy and tracked through an app so you can order them remotely and pick them up when they are ready. These apps will usually also let you know how many repeats you have left on your scripts and how long your supply will last, which is very handy!

Continence Products
Many of us use continence products every day to get on with our lives. Running out of these, especially during the holiday season, can be very frustrating. Make sure if you use catheters, disposable underwear, or continence pads that you are stocked up before Christmas arrives. Check your supplies now and get your orders in early to avoid shipping delays.

Support Workers
Organising support workers can be chaotic on a good day, let alone when public holidays are involved. If Christmas falls on your usual support days or if you need a little extra support to get on with festivities, it’s a good idea to check in with your support coordinator (if you’re on the NDIS) or directly with who ever organises your support roster, and double check that there will be no interruption to your supports and that you have adequate funding to cover public holiday rates.

Rental Equipment
Lots of us love going away for the holidays, either to visit family, friends or just for a change of scenery, but being away from home can be challenging with access needs. Luckily that’s where rentals come in handy, although you’ll need to get your bookings in sooner rather than later! If you’re staying away from home, you would be surprised at how many great things you can hire to make life a little easier. You can rent almost anything you can think of! Such as toilet surround frames, bed rails, commodes, and a huge range of different wheelchairs that can be packed down to take away with you to make a home away from home.
Hopefully these few prompts help you prepare for your holiday season so you can enjoy yourself!

This month we took the time to chat a bit more with Wade who is Chair at @Break The Boundary Inc. to ask a few questions and get to know them a little better…

How did everything start? Wade starts: "Our Founder Andrew Liddawi had a mountain bike accident, and after his injury, was struggling to find accessible terrain (adaptive trails) and tools (bikes) so he started building a not-for-profit organisation that would deal with this whole area,  plus we combined this with our other mantra attitude. So we focus on TOOLS, TERRAIN and ATTITUDE." Did you know Andrew? "I came on board literally after meeting Andrew at a mountain bike camp and wanting to be more involved at the community level" says Wade.
Kate and Wade
How has the company changed since starting? Wade says "The biggest accomplishment-to-date has been the development of the adaptive trail hub at Kalamunda." "We have worked really hard to build an engaging environment for all stakeholders, not just the riders. That said, we now have 10 bikes up there for people to try." - Kate continues and Wade concludes "Also, we are looking to take our model across Australia so now we have partnerships in place in Victoria and Queensland. At a macro level, through the development of our adaptive trail guidelines, there are now trails in Perth and Collie that are purposely built  for adaptive riders. This is very 
exciting because it means that these riders could actually ride these trails without assistance. Also, it has led to an adaptive race being included in the Collie River Marathon Race that is held each year. It was great to see half-a-dozen adaptive riders complete the course."

What is the biggest achievement of the team? "Having an army of volunteers..." says Wade "...having very strong stakeholder engagement; we are very strong on helping our partners achieve their goals and of course the physical space in Kalamunda, Western Australia."

How do the team celebrate the achievements? "We are so busy and a volunteer-based organisation at this stage, so in most cases, it's really difficult to get us all together. We offer each other a lot of online support. We do have our monthly social rides and end of year camp, which are always good outlets for celebrating short and long-term achievements."

 What's is the idea of a perfect day at the office? "Coffee, chatting, riding" ☕🗣️🚵
Evekare LED Night Light Grab Rail was just installed at the Solutions Centre by @National Trade Supplier - NTS. This rail solution automatically senses when the light is off and will light up so you can find your way to your grab rail at night.
LED Night Light Grab Rail
The Sofia + Sam Multi Media Memory Foam Lap Desk is a great solution for participants experiencing fatigue or who need to get work done from bed using their laptop and phone. The lap desk has a built-in Tablet Slot, Phone Slot, Mouse Pad, Memory Foam Base, USB Light, Wrist Rest to provide a practical, ergonomic and comfortable user experience.
Memory Foam Lap Desk
Pressure Mapping System
Loop+ Pressure Mapping System continuously records the body’s seated movement and position whilst seated in a wheelchair. This information is then transmitted to the user's phone so they can track their posture, fitness, and wheelchair use throughout the day.  
Smart Crutches are a great alternative to traditional forearm crutches, which users often find quite uncomfortable. It’s designed to reduce pressure on the arms and provide individualized support by having adjustable forearm rest angle, crutch height, and forearm rest length, and is also available in a wide range of fun colours!
Smart Crutches
OT Week 2021 - Quiz Night Photos
Quiz Night Photos
#SpillTheTea with Natalie Alexander
#SpillTheTea with Natalie Photos
Save The Date: 20th January from 5 pm to late
Jan 20, 2022 we are celebrating the Solutions Centre turning 1!!
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