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Shopify Dev Tools to Improve Your App Building Process
Improving the developer experience for building apps is a top priority for Shopify. In this talk from Shopify Unite 2022, you'll learn about the latest improvements made to Shopify's developer tooling built to support you through the entire development process like; Polaris and the CLI 3.0, and get a sneak peak of what Shopify plans to work towards in the future.
Customize Your Store's Business Logic with Shopify Functions
Shopify Functions allows merchants to finally unlock their backend business logic. This Shopify Unite 2022 talk will cover why Shopify Functions was created; what technology powers Functions; and how to get started building your first Function including what APIs are available to customize; and what resources you can use to jumpstart development.
Build a Shopify App From Scratch - Finding Profitable Ideas
A framework for finding and evaluating profitable App ideas.
How to Render Sections Asynchronously in Shopify
In this video, we’re going to cover the relatively new Section Rendering API as well as the addition of bundled section rendering to the Cart AJAX API. Using these APIs, we can re-render sections via AJAX (ie. without reloading the page). This is how Shopify's Dawn theme re-renders page sections dynamically on the collection page and cart page templates.
Responsive images on Shopify with Liquid
Responsive images are important for both user experience and site speed. Get them right, and your users will be more likely to convert. Get them wrong, and you may cause your site to be slow. Getting images right has always been a struggle. We get new features, formats, and strategies each year, making it hard to keep up with the latest best practices. In this post, I'll give you the current best practices for balancing speed and quality when it comes to images


Freelance Shopify Developer, FT
Electric Eye is looking for a freelance Shopify Developer. Proficiency in the Shopify ecosystem and liquid code is required. The vacancy is for a developer who appreciates design and is interested in delivering a superior product for our client. In addition to technical knowledge, they must have the habit and self-demanding attitude to work remotely and efficiently.

Code & Tools

Liquid Ajax Cart
Ajaxifies cart sections and product forms, provides JavaScript API like a boss.
Getting Started with GraphQL
In this video, Chuck will introduce GraphQL to app developers, as well as show you how to make GraphQL requests against Shopify stores. He’ll walk you through how to:
  • understand what GraphQL can be used for
  • install the Shopify GraphiQL app for developers
  • run simple queries to fetch information from stores
  • use mutations to write data to a store
A Love Letter to React
It's hard to overstate the impact React has had since its release in 2013. For me, React came with a few revelations. First was a reactive HTML-aware component model for building UIs. Second was colocated markup directly in the app code. Third, it focused on efficiency in a world where SPAs were increasingly heavy-handed. It was also something that I could grok in a weekend.
Why the number input is the worst input
I won’t pretend to be the expert on all things related to forms. However I will say this: of all the difficult, unconventional, and unusual requirements I’ve been asked to deliver over the past 15 years, most of those tasks revolved around building forms. Each one presented a challenge that required some sort of outside-the-box or non-standard solution. I’ve learned a lot of ways to overcome those challenges: what you should do, and more importantly, what you should not do when trying to meet those challenges. Of all the things that I’ve learned about what not to do, one of the easiest and best pieces of advice I can share is this: unless the use case is drop-dead simple, you should avoid using the number input.