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Blind compliance with voluntary vaccine programs

Many nations are watching how American citizens respond to governmental vaccination demands originating from what appears to be the American medical establishment.  Even as the American government covers up credible reports, studies, and evidence of countless adverse vaccine side effects, including thousands of deaths, Americans continue to line up voluntarily to receive whatever vaccine is in supply, and citizens in other nations are now following blindly along.  Unverified totals in the US vaccine rate indicate that more than half the US population of adults have voluntarily submitted to receiving mystery vaccines, the contents of which have not been published, or previously tested in human studies.  This passive acquiescence in all Western populations is a sign that cowardice and fear have replaced courageous, intellectual rationality.  To what other social-engineering experiments will fear-driven Americans recklessly submit?

How to respond:  refuse to receive any gene-therapy injections which are promoted by the U.S. government, or manufactured by firms which fund U.S. government agencies.  Voice your defiance of unlawful mandates.


Judicial selective prosecution

Brazen disregard of law and jurisprudence is marking cases in the lowest and highest courts of the United States.  Judges with political appointments appear to believe they must deliver political verdicts, not decisions based on jurisprudence, justice and law.  The harsh persecutorial verdicts being given are meant to send a signal to both left and right:  Because the left has triumphed politically, and will now prosecute all dissent, and then persecute dissenters, and then dissenters must self-censor, become silent, and fall into line politically.

How to respond:  get a small group of local citizens together and insist that your State legislature regains control of all future elections (this means paper-only balloting), and recruit replacements for all left-leaning politicians, judges, and sheriffs, whether Republican or Democrat.  


The return of Protestant Resistance Theory

This is a good trend to watch and with which to stay current.  During the political prosecutions of 16th and 17th century Europe, Protestant theologians studied lawful strategies of resistance to tyranny.  Their published findings guided intelligent resistance movements all across Europe, the UK and in the American colonies.  These Biblical theories led to the principled and prayer-driven American struggle for independence from Britain in the 1770s.  The same theories are now being studied, revived, re-published and applied in some localities. 

How to respond:  research and study the papers and the wars of the Protestant reformers, and begin to vocally resist even the smallest signs of tyranny in your local area.



Pro 28:4  Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, But those who keep the law strive with them. 


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