Chef Randall a Rebel? Well, sort of...
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Quote of the Week:

“All you knead is love... — (seen on the towel hanging on the wall in our bakery)

NOTE: If this is your first Breadness Buzz, or if you've been part of our tribe but missed earlier posts, visit the Breadness Buzz Archive here and catch up on this content written especially for you. It's a great way to meet like-minded artisan sourdough aficionados and be part of this journey I started back in 2016. And now for this week's Buzz...

Chef Randall a Rebel? Well, sort of...


CanvasRebel is a new online publication that reached out to me to be one of their featured creatives. (A "creative" is a noun formed from the adjective "creative" to describe people who create! That includes, you...) 

I was notified yesterday that the feature is now live; just click/tap the above photo and you'll be transported directly to my CanvasRebel room where anything's possible! 

Mardi Gras Muffuletta

The Mardis Gras parades may be over for this season, but one of Nawlin's delectable sandwiches can have you starting your own parade any time of year. We're talkin' 'bout dat Muffuletta sandwich! If you're inclined, you can make the Muffuletta chopped olive condiment from scratch by tapping the above photo (which contains the full recipe for the sandwich as well), or take advantage of the two key ingredients used to make this sandwich that we have at Random Acts of Breadness: da Breadness and da Muffuletta spread! 

Quick Recipe: Slice one or more of our Artisan Sourdough Country Loaves in half lengthwise (like a big hamburger bun), remove some of the crumb from the top and bottom halves (put that crumb in a zip bag to keep fresh for noshing later), crack open a jar of our awesome Muffeletta spread, and spoon liberally into both halves of the bread. Now layer on the sliced salami, ham and mortadella, then top that with mozzarella and provolone cheeses slices.

When all the layering has been done, carefully turn the top half of the bread onto the stack and press down. Slice the sandwich in half, then into quarters or sixths. (You can also try our new batard-shape loaves for your Muffeletta, and slice the finished sandwich straight across the loaf.) 

I'll bet you can almost hear da Dixieland Band strolling down the street as you sit down to eat this Nawlin's treat!

This Week's Breadness...

Here's what breads are available this week:

> Artisan Sourdough Country Loaves (full-size boule, batard and petite)

> Cinnamon Raisin Maple Pecan Sourdough Loaves (full-size and petite)

> Artisan Sourdough Bread Bowls

> Artisan Sourdough Breadness Crisps (Naked, Tuscan Herb, Applewood Smoked and Cinnamon Raisin Maple Pecan)

Order the above (and any of our other artisan products) at If a product is visible in the online shop, it's in stock. If you don't see a product in the online shop, it's sold out (but we might be making more, in which case the counter will be set to the available quantity).

Do we ship? Absolutely! If you (or someone you wish to gift) live within 120 miles of Los Angeles, we can ship on Wednesday or Thursday (via UPS Ground) and in most cases your Breadness Box will arrive on Thursday or Friday. Place your order before Wednesday morning here. If you live outside of So Cal, we can now ship 2-Day Air (or Ground service) on Wednesday (unsliced bread) for Friday delivery. Join our growing list of nationwide customers who look forward to receiving their Breadness deliveries on a regular basis!

Connect with us...

Random Acts of Breadness is located at 2214 West Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank (2-1/2 blocks east of Buena Vista on the south side of the street). Come to the bakery and sample our artisan wares, or order on line for bakery pickup, or have Breadness delivered or shipped to your door. You may also order by phone at 818-562-7303 and pay when you come pick it up. We're open Thursday, Friday & Saturday 12 to 6 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Enjoy a slice of life this week!

Randall Michael Tobin
Artisan Baker/Chef,

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