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Karl Says

Living in Ohio, February is my least favorite month of the year. Once we get to March I feel like there's hope.

News & Articles

Custom Feature Tutorial - Camp Liquid
Check out this free workshop on adding a custom feature to your Shopify theme by Camp Liquid
Liquid Ajax Cart Library
Here's a new Ajax cart library. There are absolutely no styles so you can do whatever you like with it without having to fight with overriding preexisting styles. Also you create a section for the cart and can add it anywhere you like.
Estimated Delivery Date on Product Pages
Today we'll be coding a delivery date estimator. Having an estimated delivery date on your product pages instills trust and will increase your store's conversion rate. Follow along and make this for your own website!
Only 90s Web Developers Remember This
Have you ever shoved a blink into a marquee tag? Pixar gets all the accolades today, but in the 90s this was a serious feat of computer animation. By combining these two tags, you were a trailblazer. A person capable of great innovation. A human being that all other human beings could aspire to become.
Shopify - Checkout links
A checkout link is a way to create a curated checkout experience for your customers. When you create a checkout link, you can select the product variants, quantities, and discounts that you'd like to apply. When a customer clicks the link, it takes them to a checkout with the selected merchandise, where they can complete the transaction.

Code & Tools

New Shopify OS 2.0 Themes
Shopify has released three new themes: CodingPhase has a great overview video of these themes on his youtube channel.
Shopify Product Customizer: Best Shopify Apps for Product Personalization
Excited to add product customization to your Shopify store? Continuing the read will help you find out the best Shopify product customizer apps for your e-commerce store.
Building a Shopify Admin Panel: A Step by Step Guide
See how to build a Shopify Admin Panel using Appsmith, a powerful open source framework to build internal tools.
What's new in Ruby 3.1?
The Ruby core team has a tradition of releasing a new version of Ruby on Christmas day, and last month we got Ruby 3.1.0. This release brings a new JIT compiler, a new debugger, improvements to IRB, better error messages, new hash syntax and lots of other improvements.



Name change for Shopify’s GitHub app
The app that manages connections between Shopify and GitHub has changed its name from Shopify Online Store to Shopify. There’s no change to the app’s existing functionality. This change reflects earlier updates to Shopify’s GitHub app, which allows it to be used for custom storefront development with Hydrogen, in addition to managing theme code for the online store. We’ll continue to use this app to manage any additional future connections between Shopify and GitHub.


Changes to Storefront API Object IDs
Last year, we announced that there were some updates coming to the Storefront API around object IDs. As of today, when requesting the unstable, 2022-04 release candidate, or future versions of the Storefront API, the object IDs returned will no longer be Base64 encoded.
Updated Admin GraphQL/Storefront ExternalVideo URL fields
As part of the 2022-04 API release, we've updated the Admin GraphQL and Storefront APIs to provide clearer URLs for the ExternalVideo type.


Introducing a new custom app developer experience
We’ve simplified the app model at Shopify by introducing a new experience for creating, configuring, and building custom apps in the Shopify admin.


Front-end Web Developer, FT, Remote
Nibble enables customers to negotiate a personalized price in eCommerce through an AI-powered chatbot.
Front-end Web Developer
Kinful is looking for an experienced front-end Shopify web developer in Charleston, SC, and/or remote
Affiliate Manager, Remote, Canada
Rewind is looking for an affiliate manager who will lead and oversee the Affiliate media channel. Your role is to own the performance of this channel and ensure that business strategies, plans, and initiatives are executed.
Front-End, Freelance
Aaron is looking for 2 contractor/freelance front-end developers for projects starting in 2022. He's looking to create a small tight knit team to focus on theme development. React experience is a huge plus.

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