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How To Build A Theme From Scratch
In this shopify development tutorial, we cover the best practices to build a theme in 2022 and the specific tools you need to get started with building themes from scratch, whether they are tools to develop your theme locally, work with teams, or just to keep your code organized.
Shopify App Proxies Explained
App proxies take requests to Shopify links and redirect them to external links. This allows you to fetch and display data on a merchant's store from an external source.
Making Slate work with M1 Mac
The release of new Apple silicon chips last year has lead to some issues with Slate failing on M1 Macs. However, since Slate is no longer supported by Shopify, it is unlikely we'll see an official fix. Follow this guide to fix the issue:
Shopify Plus, Where Monolithic Meets Composable
What options are left for retailers seeking to increase the modularity of their platforms without increasing complexity—a solution that encompasses the benefits of both traditional and decoupled architectures? The answer may lie in Shopify’s enterprise offering Shopify Plus.
How apps fit into Shopify
Learn how Apps integrate with Shopify in the following ways:
  • connecting with Shopify APIs to read and write store data, in response to either user input or webhook event notifications
  • extending new features inside existing parts of the Shopify admin or POS
  • enhancing the way that stores display information to customers
The simple system I’m using to stay in touch with hundreds of people
Staying in touch with people is one of these asymmetric habits that require little effort, time and resources but has an unlimited upside. It’s the easiest and most effective way to make your life more serendipitous.

Code & Tools

Currency conversions and risk
Currency conversion occurs at the time of the transaction, such as when you capture a payment, you issue a refund, or there is a chargeback. The currency rate that is used is always the rate at the time of the transaction. Continue reading to understand the full process happening under the hood.
Storefront search
Storefront search is based on query parameters that determine what information is returned, and how it’s returned, in the search results. In addition to the search query itself, there are parameters that allow you to customize the search.
The localization object
The localization object contains information about the countries and languages that are available in a store. This object can be used in a localization form. To learn how to use the localization object to offer localization options in your theme, refer to Support multiple currencies and languages.
Can JavaScript Object Keys Be Numbers or Non-string Values?
For those who have worked with JavaScript for a while, you will understand there are certain behaviors about the language that makes it seem it works in a certain way, when in reality it doesn’t, such as using == and === equals to check for equality between two different values.
Podman v4.0 has been released!
Podman is a daemonless container engine for OCI containers like Docker. v4.0.0, a brand-new major release, is now available. Podman 4.0 is one of our most significant releases ever, featuring over 60 new features. Headlining this release is a complete rewrite of the network stack for improved functionality and performance, but there are numerous other changes, including improvements to Podman’s Mac and Windows support, improvements to pods, over 50 bug fixes, and much, much more!



Removal of Deprecated Storefront API Checkout Mutations
In the 2022-01 Storefront API release we removed several deprecated fields. With the 2022-07 release, we're continuing with that effort and removing deprecated checkout mutations


Nothing on the radar


Teifi Digital - Sr. eCommerce Expert Vancouver, BC Hybrid
Lead the planning, design, and configuring of enterprise eCommerce solutions along with our project management team based on client requirements and industry best practices.
Enavi - Full Stack Shopify App Developer, US Remote
Become part of a small growing Shopify development and CRO agency. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and create solutions you've found the right job. We are looking for a Full Stack Shopify App Developer who will be responsible for working with custom apps. The first project you will be working on is a custom subscription app
Maestrooo - Support specialist (junior position, remote)
Maestrooo is the leading Theme company on Shopify. Our themes are used by tens of thousands of merchants every year, ranging from bootstrappers to large companies, who take advantage of our beautiful design, stable code, and outstanding support. In order to cope with the constantly increasing support load, we are looking for a new support staff member who will help us to grow in a sane way.
Pivofy - Director of Operation US - Midwest (Remote) / Full Time
Pivofy is a Chicago-based boutique agency specialized in implementing end-to-end eCommerce solutions for DTC and B2B eCommerce companies. We build functional, state of the art, high-performing and results-driven eCommerce websites. We're considered leading Shopify & eCommerce industry experts but, above all, we take pride in our reputation as ethical and decent humans. We care about and appreciate our hard-working team members, and prioritize transparency and a work/life balance.

Tip of the Week

limit Shopify search to only showing products

Shopify offers several url parameters to customize the functionality of their store searching endpoint.

If you want to limit results to show only products it's as easy as adding a hidden form parameter

For example:

<input type="hidden" name="type" value="product" />

Check out Shopify's search documentation for an idea of the full range of options