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Interview with Nash, Founder of Integry
  • Tell us about what you do and where your team is located.
    We're Integry, we help B2B SaaS company create, deploy and manage integrations for their users. These integrations can be rolled inside your app via our SDK or on a branded marketplace. Our integrations are designed to have great UI and UX to make sure your end-users are successful in setting them up. 

    We're a globally distributed company with folks in US, Germany, Pakistan and looking to add more countries to this list
  • What's a modern benefit you offer your team that isn't mainstream yet?
    Some of which come to mind:
  1. We like to say we're not just distributed in space but also in time, so you can work whenever you like to meet your agreed upon monthly objectives.
  2. We have unlimited, no-approval-needed paid vacations
  3. We provide up to 6 months of paid maternity leave 
  4. We also provide leaves in the unfortunate event a miscarriage
  5. We provide a home office renovation budget with an interior design specialist who works with your space 

Tell us about your approach to meetings vs async communication?
I like to joke that I'm on a mission to end communication, ha! Whenever I see someone ping on chat for something they can't find or something that isn't clear, I feel that's a failure mode and I'd rather most day-to-day communication not be needed. Of course, working with in your own team is different and that may require more higher bandwidth communication. But I'm willing to bet 80% of communication shouldn't take place if you've done a good job on creating a shared knowledge base. 

We default to writing things down in long form (please, no Slack for actual work, only logistics). Which is the opposite of how people usually work, the impulse is to shoot over a message. We place emphasis on self-service through our shared knowledge base and we rather that most discussion take place in-context such as design discussion on Figma, or policy discussion on the ClickUp, Coda, Notion, Google Doc etc. 

What's your favourite tool for remote collaboration?
We recently shifted to ClickUp because of its documentation+comment+task model. We look at documentations and the collaboration around it as serious work that requires serious tooling and ClickUp does a great job of making it easy to track comments on documents, as well as their status and open items.

Can you give us one prediction for the future of work?
I would love to see salaries not tied to your location. I get that you might be in San Francisco and I might be in Lahore, Pakistan but if we're both doing the same thing, why am I being penalized for my location? Hell, there's no Stanford or Google here, I might have struggled a lot more to learn the same things, if anything, I should be rewarded higher.  We're starting to approach "perfect markets" for compensation. If anyone can be hired from anywhere then competent people are going to command even higher salaries, bad employers will be dropped even faster. 

Find open positions at Integry.
Latest forward-thinking companies and job opportunities 👇
Modern Treasury: Payment operations solutions that automate the full cycle of money movement.

23 current remote openings in Design, Engineering, Growth, People & Sales.
  • Remote friendly 💻 San Francisco, New York or Remote.
  • Generous vacation 🏖️ - Unlimited PTO, we value rich and balanced lives.
  • Generous parent leave 👨‍👩‍👦 We provide 4 months of paid leave.
Rotki: Is an open-source portfolio tracker, accounting, and analytics tool that protects your privacy

1 current opening in Development
  • Work from anywhere 🌎  We don’t care (as long as we meet up from time to time!) where you live, if you travel all the time.
  • Trusting Managers 🦸‍♀️ - Working on a lean and mean team without micromanagement.
  • Flexible schedule 🗓️ - Nobody will count your hours. As long as the output is there and the result is good, we don’t care.
Basecamp: Get it together and manage projects the right way.

1 current opening in Marketing
  • Work from anywhere 🌎 Basecamp is spread out across 43 cities in 10 countries around the world, so everyone is free to live and work in the places they thrive.
  • Async communication 💬 - Real-time sometimes, asynchronous most of the time.
  • 4-day work week 🕒 During summer, we work 4-day work weeks, aka “summer hours”. Summer hours are in effect from May 1 through August 31 each year.
  • Generous parent leave 👨‍👩‍👦 - Up to 16 weeks leave at 100% paid salary.
Revive Media: Amazon Focused Digital Marketing Partner.

4 current openings in Media & Account Management
  • Work from anywhere 🌎 We always have been remote and always will be remote.
  • Generous vacation 🏖️ - Unlimited PTO.
  • 4-day work week 🕒 - Monthly 3-day weekend.
Pilot: Payroll, benefits and compliance for remote teams.

current remote openings in Engineering & Marketing
  • Work from anywhere 🌎 - Ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Generous vacation 🏖️ - Unlimited PTO.
Test Gorilla: Makes hiring the best people easy and unbiased, offering screening tests at an affordable price.

8 current openings in Engineering, Marketing, Development, Product & Admin.
  • Work from anywhere 🌎 You can work from anywhere in the world.
  • Flexible schedule 🗓️ - Your hours are flexible.
  • Generous vacation 🏖️ - Your vacation is flexible. 
Designlab: Helps you turn your passion for design into a successful career in the UX/UI industry.

 8 current openings in Design, Product, Development, Content & Marketing
  • Work from anywhere 🌎 - Team is 100% remote, work where you want.
  • Flexible schedule 🗓️ - Flexible hours.
Trend.vc: is a global community and newsletter for 50,000 entrepreneurs.

current opening in Analytics
  • Work from anywhere 🌎 Work from anywhere in the world (We are 100% remote)
  • Flexible schedule 🗓️ - Work part-time (20-25 hours/week)

Tools & Resources 🔧

  • Glean - searches across all your company’s apps. It understands context, language, behavior, and relationships with others, to find personalized answers to your questions—instantly.
  • Geekbot -helps you automate standups, surveys, and daily reports.

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