And it's GO time!

At this time last year, we had started to lose Mom. Her passing was one of the most lovely experiences I have ever had. I have been with others when they transition over, but Mom's transition was so sweet and loving. It was as if Alzheimer's had lifted, and she was just there, present, dying. She reached for the sky as if communing with angels, on the other side.

It is my honor and privilege to release my (our) book at this time. 

This book is very much a love letter to Mom. It is a tribute to who she was, who she could have been, and who she is. 

I can't tell you how much I miss her. Grief is a pesky weird emotion. Anticipation is too. 

And... this is what I need from you.

Thank you for your love during this interesting time.

My heart is with you (Mom's too!).

When Mom was dying and reaching for the next world, I had the distinct feeling she was preparing to go with the angels. 

May all the angels, but mostly Mom, bless you.

My love,Jess 

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