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How to use Shopify Metaobjects
What are Metaobjects, how they are different from Metafields, and how you can use them via the Customizer or Shopify Liquid.
How To Move Currency Selector From Footer To Header [Dawn 8.0]
In this tutorial, we'll show you how to move the currency selector from the footer to the header of your Shopify store using liquid code. Specifically, we'll be working with the Dawn theme, which is a free, minimalist theme developed by Shopify.
A Gentle Introduction to GraphQL
In this article, we will learn what is GraphQL and how it could entirely replace REST APIs. We will also see how GraphQL works and its salient features.
Build delivery customizations
You can use delivery customizations to hide, reorder, and rename the delivery options that are available to buyers during checkout. In this tutorial series, you'll use Shopify Functions to create a function that lets merchants rename a delivery option offered to their customers at checkout.
How to require a strong password on the account activation page for your Shopify store
If you manually send account invites to customers, or use an app to require account approval or email verification, then you might want to edit the account activation form to require customers to use a strong password when they activate their account.

Code & Tools

Cloudflare Tunnel for Shopify App Development
If you’ve worked on a Shopify app before, chances are you’ve used tunneling for local development. With the launch of Cloudflare Tunnel, you no longer need to pay to configure custom domains. I’ve been using it for a few months now and the DX has been excellent. This post shows you how to use it when developing your own Shopify apps.
Everything About Medusa - An Open-Source Alternative to Shopify
Medusa is a NodeJs-based and open-source e-commerce platform that enables developers to build their own configurable and extendable online store.
How to Set a Date in Any Format Using Liquid
As you are merchant, you might think that formatting dates can become tricky if you require a specific format. However, now, you should not be worried about that since in this article, you will be shown how to set a date in any format.
Fighting use of ARIA just because it is not HTML might be wasted energy. Granted, use of ARIA is mapped to a higher incidence of WCAG violations and accessibility issues, though that is a function of developers’ failure to understand it and the tools needed to test it.


UX/UI Designer, Remote
We are looking for a talented and creative UX/UI designer to help us take our platform to the next level. As a UX/UI Designer at Zapiet, you will be responsible for creating intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that enhance the customer experience
Lead Shopify Designer & Developer - Canada, Remote
We’re hiring a full-time Lead Shopify Designer and Developer to manage the end-to-end store builds (from simple theme configurations to complex custom Plus stores) while collaborating with our cross-functional marketing and customer service teams to enable our “Full Circle Approach to Digital Marketing” methodology.
React Developer - Full Time Remote, Anywhere
We are looking for an experienced React developer to join our team to help scale up our products, implement our development plans and respond more quickly to feature requests from our growing user base.