It’s that time of year again, already! Time really does fly when you’re having fun.
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Season's Greetings!
It’s that time of year again, already! Time really does fly when you’re having fun.
A fair bit has happened for us in 2022, so please take a look at our newsletter update.

New Arrival
We are very excited to announce that Niamh and her husband Matt have welcomed a little boy into the world. Baby Edmund arrived slightly early on 19th September. Congratulations Niamh and Matt! He is beautiful.
New Faces
You may see a new face sitting behind reception from January 2023. We would like to welcome our newest employee, Beth! Beth lives locally and has always been an animal lover. With two Labradors, she enjoys long walks and exploring our wonderful countryside.

We can’t wait for you all to meet her!

A Wedding To Remember
In September our lovely Jess and her partner James tied the knot!

We were all invited to what we thought was just a wedding party after Jess had maintained she and James were going to get married abroad.

Oh, how they had us fooled!

When we all turned up at the venue ready to party, James announced they were actually getting married that day! We were all overjoyed by the surprise, but slightly worried about how well Jess can lie to us all!

I think we can all agree on how beautiful she looked at the best surprise wedding ever. Congratulations Jess and James on your gorgeous day.

A Sad Farewell
Unfortunately, we move on to say that sadly Harriet will be leaving us at the end of December. We are all gutted to see her leave, but she has been given a fantastic opportunity nearer to where she lives in Norfolk.

Harriet has been a wonderful addition to the team for the last 12 months, she is well liked by every member of our team and by our clients.

We wish Harriet all the very best in her new venture!

CT Cases

Over the last year we have seen some weird and wonderful cases making use of our superb CT scanner. 

CT scanning allows us to take 3D images of your pet with exceptionally high levels of detail. We can use CT scans to look for problems that might not be seen on an x-ray, such as an internal growth, a very small fracture, or something soft that your pet has swallowed, the uses are endless!

We are able to properly diagnose and treat patients that would otherwise need to go to a referral centre. Having a CT scanner in house is a fantastic asset that saves time and cost for our clients. 

Take a look at the images below of a recent patient's CT images. We were able to diagnose his condition quickly and get him surgically treated. This little dog now leads a happy and active life again!

Christmas Hazards

The festive season is the time to indulge, celebrate and have fun – and as part of the family, our pets will normally be enjoying some of the action too.

However, this time of year can also present some hidden dangers to our four-legged friends, from toxic foods to dangerous seasonal plants.

To ensure your pet remains safe this Christmas, please take a look at our website to make sure you’re in the know about what dangers to keep your pets away from during the festive season.

Opening Hours

For those of you that don't know yet, this year we have teamed up with the guys at VidiVet.

VidiVet is a free 24/7 service where you can get advice from veterinary professionals whenever you need it. 

Think of it as NHS111 for your pets. If you need advice when we're closed or you're unsure of what medical support your pet needs, you can send your query to a qualified vet on the VidiVet app and get a personalised video response direct to your phone!

VidiVet provides peace of mind in literally minutes, and you'll know if you need to make an appointment, seek emergency care, or if you can monitor you pet at home instead. 

This service is provided completely free of charge to our clients by us at Aldeburgh Vets. There are no hidden charges, not any subscription fees that you, as our client, will need to pay!
To access VidiVet, you can scan the QR code here, or you can click on the link below. 
If you have an emergency over the festive period, please contact the MiNight team in Melton.

MiNightVet out of hours information:

01394 389199

MiNightVet Ipswich
Spur End
IP12 1RJ

Contact & Opening hours
And finally, we would all like to say a huge “thank you” again for supporting us in another year at Aldeburgh Vets. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best wishes,
Brian, Jess & all the team

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