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Rails on Docker
Rails 7.1 is getting an official Dockerfile, which should make it easier to deploy Rails applications to production environments that support Docker. Think of it as a pre-configured Linux box that will work for most Rails applications.
Deploy a Shopify 3.0 App on AWS
In this article, we will look into deploying a Shopify 3.0 app on AWS using AWS services like ECR for docker image, and ECS for container and running the task for it.
Deploy Shopify app on AWS Amplify
We all knows that AWS comes with powerful services and one of them is Amplify server less container providing us with the ability to deploy Shopify apps using AWS Fargate without requiring hight level of control
How to communicate effectively as a developer
Communicating effectively as an engineer means empathically increasing the resolution of your writing.
How To Add Color Swatches (beginner friendly)
Easily add color swatches to your Shopify store with our free, beginner-friendly tutorial. Follow along step-by-step and code your way to a more visually appealing store.
How to share preview link that never expires
Today I will go through the steps on how to set up a share preview link that never expires Shopify

Code & Tools

Shopify CLI 3.0 - Migration Guide
Shopify announced the 2.0 version of the CLI will sunset on May 31st 2023. In this video I’ll cover what’s changed in version 3 of the CLI and how to migrate over to the new platform.
Manage theme access
The Theme Access app allows you to securely create and manage passwords that developers need to use with Theme Kit, or to work on a theme using Shopify CLI 3.x. This guide explains how to install the Theme Access app, and then share credentials with developers.
Koala Inspector
Reveal all the secrets behind every Shopify shop with one click — Shopify apps, themes, products, and much more!
Is TypeScript worth it?
The question "is TypeScript worth it?" was recently posted to developer focused Hacker News. See what others in the industry think about this topic.
Page Doctor - Speed and SEO tool
Page Doctor is the practical page speed and SEO tool that makes your page optimizations easier and faster.