The top hand-picked financial independence, intentionality and mindful productivity ideas for remote workers and freelancers
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"If you're searching for productivity apps and hacks to accomplish Musk levels of output, you're looking in the wrong place.

No tool or workflow strategy can 10x your productivity.You can only do it through personal leverage."
When we want to improve our efficiency, we often look to upgrade our tools.

But scrolling through the App Store is likely attempting to solve the wrong problem.  

Instead, try increasing your leverage.

To get started, follow Nat’s 4-step process — from identifying a repeatable process, to codifying and ultimately delegating it (no new app required).
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Do you know how your personality impacts your money?

If your A to that Q was something along the lines of “huh?," find out which of the 6 money types you are so you can play to your strengths as you pursue your financial goals.

(If you’re curious, I’m “The Self-Sufficient One” — but I also relate to “The Balanced One.”)
This is a great interview with Jacob Lund Fisker of Early Retirement Extreme (AKA the founder of the modern-day “FIRE movement”).

Highly recommended if you’re interested in learning more about:
  • How to live efficiently and resiliently (so you’re less impacted by economic events)
  • Investing paradigms from the past (and how they impact us now)
  • The merits of self-sufficiency vs. our specialization economy (not sure I agree personally, but interesting to hear and consider)
It’s not super recent (released early 2021), but it’s surprisingly relevant to our current economic moment IMO.
As a remote worker, you likely do close to 100% of your work on a screen.

And yet the foundation of so much of that work — creativity — may be best achieved by ditching your devices entirely.

Here are 5 things analog tools bring to the table that your laptop, iPad and phone can’t.
🌈 Unrelated
Here’s something I colored in ~30 mins via my iPad & an Apple Pencil in Lake (iPad and iOS only)
Lake is a super-relaxing coloring app that features (and splits its revenue with) indie illustrators.

Its combination of simple tools and clean illustrations lowers the barrier to creativity and makes it really easy to decompress after work.

(I recognize it’s a little ironic to include a coloring app in the same issue as an article about the benefits of analog over digital, but here we are. 😉)
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Want more high-quality reads? I highly recommend RefindYou tell it what you like reading about, and it serves up 7 great links each day — for free. (I use it daily!) 

There are no higher-ROI investments than the ones you make in yourself. CreativeLive offers curated, expert-led classes on investing, entrepreneurship, life design and more. (And if you attend live, the class is free.)

Not sure where to start with crypto investing? Try using Nexo to buy — and earn 8%+ interest on — USDC (USDC is a “stablecoin" pegged to the USD, so it’s much less volatile than most crypto). Sign up via this link to get $25 in free Bitcoin when you top up $100.
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