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The countdown to winter has started

The weather is getting colder, we've had our first dusting of snow and preparations are well under way for what we hope will be an excellent winter.   Last year we had some huge challenges thrown at us.  We have some good news on some of these and we've have more challenges thrown at us again this year.

Trail Closures, Re-routes and Fixes

The IB & O Rail trail, which was built in the late 1800's, has been used for the past few decades for multi-use activities, including our trail  #606 (Railbed).  Last season, landowners revoked our access on a part of the trail between County Road 503 and Gooderham.  We have investigated alternatives but as of yet have not been successful.  We have not given up but as of now the trail will still be closed between County Road 503 and Gooderham.

We have good news on the next section of the #606 between Tory Hill and Wilberforce.  The bridge just west of Farr Road, which is owned by the Municipality of Highlands East, is about to be replaced.  We have been told that the bridge will be installed by the second week in December.  This was a huge undertaking as the cost of replacing the bridge was over $200,000.  The OFSC and other user groups were asked to contribute to cover the cost and the OFSC has committed $72K to the project.  Based on this, the municipality has committed to the purchase and installation of a new bridge.

Last season, we moved part of the Baptiste Lake trail (#612) at the north end where we meet Baptiste Lake.   It was nice improvement and this season we are doing some work to improve the lake access.  We are hoping to work on a few rough areas that created some challenges to groom.  

The E trail south of the clubhouse near Highway 28 had many water holes and washouts on hills, resulting in more than one stuck groomer last year.  We have received an OFSC grant and 50 loads of aggregate and a lot of machine time were used to improve the trail.
The E trail reroute that opened two seasons ago near our Silent lake trail had two corners that were very sharp and difficult to groom have had some work to remove a large rock ledge on one and improve the grading on the other.  This should be a big improvement over previous years.
The section of the #617 (Saunders) trail that was closed has had a change of ownership and we are happy that the trail will be back open this year.  This is especially important as a landowner has revoked our access of the E110 near Dyno road.   Therefore, this year the E110 will be using the #617 trail as a detour this year.  We will be investigating alternatives for this lost section of the E110.
Trail passes are on sale
Purchase your permit on or before Dec 1st to save $50.  Please select Paudash Trail Blazers as your home club.

Slederama and Raffle prize

 November 19th from 8:30 until 4 pm

 Free Raffle

Wally's Pub on Chandos Lake has donated a gift basket so come by and enter for your chance to win.  Paudash Trail Blazers volunteers and other volunteers from other District 2 clubs will be at our booth so please come by.

Volunteering with the club
As usual our volunteers have again been busy applying for permits and scouting out re-routes,  We are doing the best we can with a small budget but we are very thankful to a few individuals for donating their equipment and time, including Chris Grant, who helped out on our 612 improvement project.  We still have lots of work to do and if you are interested in helping or donating equipment, time or materials, we would love to hear from you at

We have a great group of volunteers that have been out brushing already and have a few brushing days that will be coming up, so watch our Facebook page or, if you are on our volunteer list, watch your inbox.

We always need volunteers to help with brushing the trails so encourage everyone to come out for at least one day per season.  We always have a fun day and it's great to meet a bunch of new friends that all want to make a difference to our trails!  Signup to our Volunteer email to find out more:
If you want the most up-to-date information on our club, join our Facebook page or check our website frequently  
Our annual Landowner appreciation dinner was held November 5th at the Algonquin Diner in Harcourt and we had anexcellent turnout.  The OFSC provided some door prizes and everyone agreed that it was an excellent dinner and a great event.

We have our club Committee meetings each month either virtually or in person and welcome anyone to be included.

In closing, we'd like to thank all of you for supporting our club and wish all of our members and their families good health and look forward to a cold and snowy winter.
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