In this podcast episode we explore why understanding the economics of the organisations we work with can improve our chances of design success
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Issue 022

Podcast: Lou Downe on how financial confidence empowers us to design better services.

Welcome back to the Designers in Business newsletter. After a longer-than-planned break, my batteries are nicely recharged, and we're starting 2023 with a fantastic guest on the Designers in Business Podcast.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Lou Downe. Lou is the founder of The School of Good Services, writer of the best-selling book Good Services (an absolute must-read), and former Design Director of the UK Government
Cover image of interview with Lou Downe
Our conversation covered some fascinating ground, from finance geekery to the story of writing and publishing Good Services.

As a dyslexic designer with ADHD, earlier in their career Lou had understandable hangups around numbers, money, and finance.

This imposter syndrome (and some critical career moments) contributed to Lou's decision to undertake an MA in Economics. This educational journey helped Lou better understand the organisational systems designers need to negotiate, and how the movement of money affected key business decisions that could impact our work.

We also explored why it's okay to walk away from organisations where it doesn't feel possible to have a positive influence, and what a book about nursing can teach us about bringing stakeholders along with us on our design journeys.

Through The School of Good Services, Lou now offers training to help designers gain valuable knowledge in Writing Business Cases for Service Design and Leading Stakeholders.

We discuss what to expect from these courses, the motivation behind their creation, and the practical skills that can be used immediately after completing these masterclasses.

If you like the sound of these courses, there are upcoming public course dates in April and November 2023. A solid investment for your New Year training budget.
If you enjoyed this interview, have any thoughts on topics we should cover in future, or want to suggest a guest, please feel free to get in touch or hit reply on this email.

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I did recording it.

See you next time!

Tom Prior

Curator of Designers in Business

[email protected]
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