How fast time flies...
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How is it already June? It makes no sense to me. Feels like it was January, then I blinked and—bam!—now it’s (almost) the middle of the year. Goodness.

The last few weeks have been... something else, let me tell ya. The older kids finished their “summer school”, so now they’re home all day. It hasn’t been nearly as chaotic as I had feared, though. They haven’t fought half as often as they did last year, that’s for sure. It helps that they have video games to play, I suppose. The baby is doing what babies do, and he’s doing it darn well! 😂

I’ve been hard at work trying to get Long Time Gone finished for y’all, and I’m pleased to say I’m inching my way to the finish line! Only a few more chapters to go. I also wanted to let you know that if you’d like to read it sooner than when it comes out in book-form, you can! It’s now on Kindle Vella, and the first few chapters are free. (If you are unsure what Vella is, here. Basically, it's an Amazon reading platform with serialized “episodes”, and you unlock them with tokens.) I do have plans to release Long Time Gone as a full-length novel at some point, if you would like to wait for that instead.

If you missed it, I revealed the new covers for Scars & Souvenirs and Dreams Reborn on both Facebook and Instagram. I am so very pleased with them! 

Now I’m off to eat a late breakfast and write some more!

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