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Image courtesy of Josi Smit.

We Should Be Dancing Radio
4 - 6PM, July 14, 2023

Register here for this free virtual event!
Styled after the freeform shows that once populated FM radio, the We Should Be Dancing Radio Show will mix disco, funk, and electronic songs from the seventies and eighties into themed sets interspersed with anecdotes and dedications. Tune in live over Zoom on Friday July 14 at 4PM and let the airwaves carry you into dreams of nights spent swirling under disco lights...

Josi Smit is an artist and writer who works in sculpture, installation, photography, and text. Smit’s work considers how nostalgia and desire orient us, the intimacies we form with objects and spaces, and how subversion can emerge from tenderness and fantasy.

This event accompanies Josi Smit's solo exhibition, We Should Be Dancing, currently on view at Forest City Gallery until July 29, 2023.

The artist and Forest City Gallery acknowledge the support of the London Arts Council and the London Community Foundation, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts.
Aw^hihte? (Strawberry), by Mea
Lino block print, 2022

FCG Pier: Works by Jozie and Mea
On view until September, 2023

“I like to make art about animals. My art is mainly about Indigenous people and animals. In Oneida there are different clans that have different animals like eagles. I am originally from deer clan. The Every Child Matters art was made for justice. I want to show people about Indigenous culture.” —Jozie 
“My titles are written in Oneida because I’m native. I like printmaking because it’s fun. I like animals and nature so my art shows that. I like learning about animals and riding horses and I want to be a vet tech. I’m learning my language which is Oneida. I want to make really big art in the future, more block prints and cyanotype prints.” —Mea

FCG has just launched FCG Pier, a community-focused display space named for the idea of a pier as both an arrival place and an exciting point of departure. When we think of a pier, we also might think of the word “peer” (meaning to look at something) or “peers,” as in our friends and colleagues. 
Finally, a pier is also an architectural term for a support structure. FCG wouldn’t exist without the hard work, heavy lifting, and support of our community. 

Jozie and Mea are two elementary school students, budding artists, and part of the Oneida Nation of the Thames. They are passionate about honing their skills in printmaking, as well as developing their fluency in Oneida, and their work often embodies and represents their interests and identities.

Special thanks to Art East for custom framing Jozie and Mea's works!
An image of artist Sarah Mihara Creagen giving an artist's talk and tour at FCG

FCG Volunteer Networking Event

2 - 5PM, July 21, 2023

RSVP for this free event here!
We are ever so grateful for our dedicated volunteers and the vital role they play in making FCG a vibrant community-driven space where artists can flourish. Come celebrate with us!

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? Come by the gallery for this casual get-together to hear more about different volunteering opportunities (gallery docent, events support and planning, technical support, community outreach, fundraising, and more) and meet other members of FCG's community!  Boxcar Donuts and tea/coffee will be provided. 

Artist & Arts Professionals Survey 

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing a vibrant, engaging, and inspiring space, we are reaching out to you, artists and arts professionals, for your feedback!
Your journey with the arts is unique, and we strive to facilitate that in the best way possible. To help us enhance our resources, services, and facilities to better cater to your interests and needs, we invite you to participate in our Artist and Arts Professionals Survey.
By taking this survey, you have the opportunity to influence your experience as a member of the FCG. All findings will be used to inform our future programming, aiming to create a more inclusive and inspiring environment for all our members.
The survey is optional, and all responses will be kept anonymous. As a token of our appreciation, all participants will be entered into a draw for a chance to win one of two $75 gift card sets for local businesses.
The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete: it includes questions about your experiences with FCG and your suggestions for our future. We encourage you to use the additional comment space at the end of the survey to elaborate on your responses.
Click here to start the survey.

Exhibition Assistance Program now open! 

Forest City Gallery is a third-party recommender for the Ontario Arts Council’s Exhibition Assistance program (Zone 1). The 2023-24 program is open from early June 2023 until January 16, 2024, 1:00 p.m. ET. Visit OAC's website for complete information, including who is eligible, what expenses are eligible, and what expenses are ineligible.
Our mailing address is:
1025 Elias Street, London, Ontario, N5W 3P6, Canada

FCG's programs and exhibitions are free and accessible to all thanks to the
generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council,
London Arts Council, and the London Community Foundation.

We are grateful to our artists, members, volunteers, donors, and community partners.
Our operations rely on your generous and dedicated support.

Please consider becoming a member of FCG.

For information on our programming, or for other general inquiries
please contact the gallery at info@forestcitygallery.com

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