Tuesday 30th November 2021

Photo by Carol English

4th December 2021

This year we are celebrating the anniversary of the enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha on Saturday 4th December.  This is, of course, a very special occasion marking our gratitude for the very beginning of the tradition when Siddhartha Gautama was awakened.  Do join us.

A rich and full day

08:00 Service led by Kuvalaya: Puja, Morning Prayers and Invocation
09:00 Opening Remarks by Dharmavidya
09:15 Chanting led by Angela Romani
10:00 Dharma Talk by Geeta Chari: "The ‘No’ Sutra and the Heart of the Matter"
11:00 Coffee Time: Light discussion with Kuvalaya
11:30 Dharma Talk by Annetta de Quaasteniet: "Dementia: just as you are,
                really just as you are"
12:30 Break
13:15 Dharma Talk by Dharmavidya: "The Meaning of Bodhi Day"
14:15 Dharma Talk by Kimiko Nita: "How my faith in the Pure Land Buddhism
                changed my life as a psychotherapist"
15:15 Dialogue: Iris Dotan Katz & Yaya de Andrade: "Buddhism & Psychotherapy"
16:30 Coffee Time: Light discussion with Kuvalaya
17:00 Chanting led by Liz Allmark
18:00 Refuge Ceremony led by Dharmavidya
18:45 Final Gathering
20:00 Puja: Readings, Chanting & Closing Ceremony

Dharma talk periods will include time for discussion and questions.

Making napkins and tableclothes at the Sukkha Wasi project in Ecuador

Maya Choi has developed the Sukkha Wasi Project in a village in Ecuador.  The project includes a café, a ceramic workshop, tai chi, qigong and meditation, mural painting and cultural events. A few days back there was a big earthquake in S America.  Maya writes: "It was the longest and biggest one so far in my life. I came out of house as soon as I felt it and saw the whole mountain swing. Then I  made fire, and meditated by it, allowing me to reflect on the life again. Really anything can happen tomorrow, I am here today but I might not be tomorrow. So I should live life fully day to day."

Thank you Maya for all you are doing !


Distance Learning On-line Programme 
Beginning 1st February 2022

The course beginning in February is a two year programme delivered in four semesters each of four units.  The first semester begins 1st February 2022 and runs to the summer. Each unit contains three sections of study material with accompanying exercises.

The programme involves
- study material provided on line on dedicated private web pages
- some pre-recorded lectures
- live seminars via zoom
- exercises to do in one's own time and report back on
- assignments from time to time to check understanding
- discussion with tutors and other students

It is a co-operative learning programme.  Students see each other's work and have plenty of scope for getting to know one another and for discussion of topics and experience.

The material is both theoretical and practical and is extensive. One should allow for a time commitment of minimum three hours per week.

The content of the course covers major Buddhist psychological theory and its relevance to daily life and to psychotherapy practice. One does not have to be a psychotherapist to do the course, but therapists and others in human relations work will generally get most from it as they will be able to apply the principles in their work.

This is a course of Buddhist principles applied as psychology. It is not really an integration of Western and Buddhist psychology, though comparisons are made throughout.  It covers the material in the books Zen Therapy and The Feeling Buddha and other works by David Brazier and others plus a good deal more:
- dependent origination
- different forms of conditioning of the mind
- the skandha cycle and Buddhist psychological analysis
- Buddhist work with strong emotions
- dukkha and its transformation
- calm and insight
- the role of faith, purpose and refuge
- styles of Dharma-based psychotherapy
- sudden awakening and gradual cultivation
and many other similar topics.

The proposed fee is £200 per semester.


The recent talk on Buddhist psychology can now be seen at
This video will be part of the first unit of the Buddhist Psychology programme beginning in February 2022, so if you are planning to join, you can get ahead by watching this introduction now.


The discussion on this topic that was featured in the last Newsletter has continued.  Deepening is important and should be a firm basis for broadening, but an important consideration in the life of a sangha is also the need to avoid the group becoming overly inward looking.  It is possible for any group to become closed.  This does not appear to be the case with Global Sangha at the moment - newcomers generally get a warm welcome - but it is something to guard against as a group gets more established.

 "Mindful of the Past: Faith in the Future"

Planning is starting for the New Year Retreat, 31st December to 4th January. There will be a range of interesting inputs on practice, writing, poetry, psychotherapy, parallels with other spiritual traditions and other subjects as well as Dharma talks, practice periods, sangha discussions and celebrations of anniversaries falling in that period.

Abundant life: photo by Jan wizinowich in Hawaii


The news at the moment is dominated by the appearance of a new variant of the covid virus that threatens to be more virulent than those we have seen so far.  The pandemic started in China about two years ago and reached Europe in the early spring. On 31st January 2020 the WHO declared a Global Health Emergency. There had then been around 10,000 cases.

The group that was to become Global Sangha got together at that time, substantially in order to offer support to one another in what was anticipated to be a difficult year ahead.  At that time, however, the general expectation was that it would all be over in a matter of months. Things have, however turned out differently. We are now approaching the beginning of the third year of the pandemic with no end yet in sight as ever new versions of the virus show up every few months. Even as I write an old acquaintance of mine is dying of the disease in a hospital in the Netherlands.

While many people are assuming that things will soon "get back to normal" others see the possibility that we have crossed some kind of threshold and that things are not going to go back to how they were. Much more is now being done on-line, people meet and mix less, and many are moving out of cities into the countryside.

Not far from where I live here in France, there is a Buddhist community called Oasis.  It is the brainchild of a French lama who saw a need for a place for elderly Buddhists to pass their later years together.  After a slow start, Oasis is now a success story with seven (soon to be nine) residents and a short waiting list.  Members have their own accommodations and can be independent. They have built most of the houses. There is a small attractive wooded park, a stupa and a meditation hall.  There is also a swimming pool and outdoor areas for gatherings. It is a pleasant environment. In present circumstances it appears to have been designed for just this new situation.

Perhaps the future is not, as we once thought, for an ever greater proportion of the human race to live in mega-cities.  Perhaps we are going to redistribute ourselves into networks of hamlets: a healthier, safer, more attractive life.  The Buddhist principle of "small is beautiful" may be coming into its own.

Oasis website:
Interview with Annette at Oasis:

Poem by Annette Tamuly Jung at Oasis

Ode à la Terre
Comme un marin en perdition,
J’ai crié : Terre, Terre !
Et tu m’as ouvert tes bras,
Mère nourricière et généreuse !
Trop souvent je t’ai oubliée, piétinée
Ne voyant en toi qu’une vieille à rides.
Aujourd’hui, te prenant à témoin,
Je fais la promesse inébranlable
De t’aimer et de te respecter,
Afin que tu me renvoies, comme en un miroir,
Ma propre générosité !

Ode to Earth
Like a sinking sailor
I cry out for solid ground.
and you have opened your arms to me,
Mother so nourishing and generous.
Too often I have forgotten you, trodden on you
seeing in you just an old dame with wrinkles.
Today, as you are my witness,
I make the unshakable promise
to love and respect you,
so that you send back, mirrorlike,
my own generosity. 


Photo by Annetta de Quaasteniet


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Refuge Group
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16:30 Saturdays
Encuentro de la Sangha en español
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Saturday 4th December
Bodhi Day
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17:00-18:00 Tuesday - suspended for the time being until Angela is recovered.
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21:00 Wednesday 8th Dec
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14:30 Thursday 2nd & 16th Dec
IBAP Meeting
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