Learn how to show pickup availability on product pages 
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We Worked at Shop
If you were affected by Shopify's recent round of layoffs, Keir Whitaker wants to help. As he states: Many of us, including myself, have been in the position of losing our jobs unexpectedly. It's never easy — regardless of the generous package offered. Shopify hires great people so if you're looking for talent, let's help the 1000+ folks waking up to a different reality find new roles.
AMA: Metafields, Online Store 2.0, & more
Show producer Paul Reda returns from paternity leave and he's on fire with hot takes in this AMA episode. We answer your burning ecommerce questions. Today's themes are metafields, theming, and Online Store 2.0.
New Shopify Updates 2022
Shopify Editions: The biggest Updates in 2022. (From over 100+ features and updates just came to the platform.)
Show pickup availability on product pages
Merchants can make their products available through local pickup, and you can display whether a specific product variant is available for local pickup on the product page. This allows customers to view this information without having to add the product to cart and proceed to checkout to view the shipping details. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to show variant pickup availability on product pages.
How we integrate a booking platform in a Shopify store (not just an Iframe)
I’ve been working on a freelance project to integrate a booking platform (Not just an Iframe) in a Shopify store (eProgram). eProgram is a private store for Moroccan company’s partners to get exclusive deals for their employees. The store extends its catalog of deals with travel deals of Moroccan hotels by using a third-party travel company API. I was responsible for the integration of this travel platform in a Shopify store and making it part of the Shopify store ecosystem. Let’s get started.

Code & Tools

Creating a Buy Button
After you add the Buy Button sales channel in your Shopify admin, you can create a Buy Button for a product or a collection. After you create a Buy Button, you copy the automatically generated code and then add the code to the webpage or blog post where you want the button to appear. For example, you might want to add the Buy Button to your Wordpress blog or Squarespace website.
Listening to multiple events in vanilla JS
In vanilla JavaScript, each event type requires its own event listener. Unfortunately, you can’t pass in multiple events to a single listener like you might in jQuery and other frameworks.
How To Learn Shopify Development
No doubt, learning Shopify Development can be overwhelming. Where do you even start and what area should you focus on? Is it theme development? is it app development? What types of projects make a good fit when you're starting out? If I was starting all over today, this would be my roadmap to learning Shopify Development.



Theme app extensions locale file size limit increase
As of today, theme app extensions are be able to store translations up to 15 KB per locale file. For more information about file and content size limits for theme app extensions, refer to the theme app extension framework documentation.


Make the most money from your email list - August 9th
In this session, we'll debunk common myths around email marketing and address the fears/concerns we often have about emailing too much. You'll walk away with a simple process to create consistent email marketing that can raise brand awareness, create higher engagement from your customers, and generate more revenue from your emails.


Multiple Open Roles, Remote
Prismfly is growing quickly. We have lots of openings we're aiming to fill immediately. We're profitable and have grown in a sustainable fashion in our 2 years in business. We focus on long-term client and employee relationships and fire bad clients. We don't believe in working hard but more importantly working smart and not overworking our people. We have incredible people and amazing values that show in our day-to-day culture. If you're an A player, I'd love to have you on the team. We hire globally. We are fully remote. We require all candidates be fluent in English. We work 9-5 CST
Shopify Account Specialist
Our growing agency is in need of the right person to take on accounts after the sale is made, guiding clients through the many decisions that need made in order to define and achieve project goals. The most basic (and yet most important) qualifications would be excellent communication, critical thinking, and Googling skills. If you love working with people, diving into Shopify and the App ecosystem, and finding solutions for clients, let’s talk.
Front-End and Full Stack, FT, Canada
Heather Tovey at iamota is hiring two new Canada-based team members for the iamota dev team: Front-End and Junior Full-Stack. Come work with me!