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"Even if you’re great at setting lofty goals, it’s hard to stay engaged if you don’t have a system in place to document your progress toward them.

Big wins are few and far between on the long journey of realizing an incredible idea, which is exactly why tracking our “small wins” is so very important."
How to Feel Progress by Jocelyn K. Glei
Making progress on meaningful projects is the key to enjoying your work (and staying ahead of burnout).

But it’s not so much about celebrating the big milestones as it is about appreciating every small, daily step forward.

Jocelyn K. Glei, a seasoned creator, details her favorite ways to feel progress on a daily basis, from tracking metrics that have real meaning to physically documenting progress.

(My personal fave is her ‘analogue progress tracker’ idea — I came across it a couple of years ago and have been using it ever since. It's given me a noticeable boost not only in feelings of progress, but also groundedness and motivation.)
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I love working from cafés — but I find the random conversations around me pull at my attention.

Coffitivity is a free web app that recreates the ambient soundscape of a bustling café, without any identifiable words to distract you.

It’s really nice when you want to feel like you’re surrounded by people without actually being surrounded by people.
These 5 small, simple habits will help you build an audience-driven business in your off hours — slowly, methodically and without taking any huge, scary leaps into the unknown.
If you’ve taken your first tentative steps into the world of crypto, you've no doubt noticed that yields tend to be much higher than traditional savings accounts offer (roughly 5-10% vs. 0.5% at best).

This article does a great job explaining the mechanics behind these scammy-sounding (but often perfectly legit) yields — and how to identify the yields that really are too good to be true.*

*Spoiler alert: the 150% yield mentioned in the headline sits squarely in that category.
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What would Twitter, Spotify and YouTube look like if they existed in the ‘90s?

I present to you: 8 popular websites, reimagined⁠—’90s style. (Think 8-bit designs, chunky boxes and repeating backgrounds. 👾)

So much nostalgia on a single page!
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