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Shopify Website Design: Examples, UX Tips & Navigation Best Practices
According to many studies, the average conversion rate of e-commerce websites is about 3% – so how can we make this skyrocket? The right design of your online store can provide a lot of help. In this article:
  • We will guide you through the process of creating a beautiful, functional, and user-friendly Shopify store that truly converts.
  • We will highlight tips and examples of websites for all the important steps – from the user’s first visit to the checkout.
  • We will also discuss the general benefits of using the Shopify platform and tell you how to prepare for the launch of your own online store.
Related products with product_list (sections & metafields)
Adding specific related products to a product page just got easier 🎉. Shopify recently added two new features that make this process a lot more straightforward and user friendly for the merchant. List values for product metafields The new product_list section input setting Prior to these we could use metafields, but we'd have to explain how to create metafields with namespacing and finding the product handle to merchants if they wanted to be able to edit/add them. This also made the process a little brittle, prone to spelling errors or changes to the product handle.
Estimated Delivery Date on Product Pages
Today we'll be coding a delivery date estimator. Having an estimated delivery date on your product pages instills trust and will increase your store's conversion rate. Follow along and make this for your own website!
Deeper design for next-level products
As a designer, solving problems is part of your job. The typical product designer is tasked with crafting solutions for product opportunities and user challenges. Creating two-dimensional work that represents a single point of view is straightforward. Yet designing truly great products requires a deeper understanding beyond following a set of instructions.
Shopify gifts ecommerce websites more than 100 new features
Shopify has announced over 100 new features as it pushes to improve its ecommerce platform. At its bi-annual showcase, Editions, Shopify launched a new headless commerce offering called Hydrogen & Oxygen, as well as new ecosystem, checkout dev capabilities and various other upgrades.
4 Tips To Maximize Your Productivity At Work
If you find yourself procrastinating because of the slightest distraction or don’t have an organized system to manage your productivity, this article might be for you. We live in a digital world where distractions are aplenty—being productive and efficient with your time at work can thus become quite difficult.
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Code & Tools

Resolving the JavaScript Promise Error "TypeError: Cannot Read 'Then' of Undefined"
Working with JavaScript Promise comes with its own array of errors, and a popular one is TypeError: Cannot read property 'then' of undefined. In this guide, we will cover two code examples containing a bugs that cause this TypeError and then refactor the code to resolve the issue.
Liquid reference
Liquid is a template language created by Shopify. It's available as an open source project on GitHub, and is used by many different software projects and companies. This reference documents the Liquid tags, filters, and objects that you can use to build Shopify Themes.
Avo - Build apps 10x faster
Avo abstracts away the common parts of building apps, letting your engineers work on your app's essential components. The result is a full-featured Rails admin panel that works out of the box, ready to give to your end-users.



App proxy requests include new parameter for the logged in customer ID
The customer ID for logged in customers is now included as a parameter in the forwarded query for app proxy requests. The customer ID is passed in the logged_in_customer_id parameter. The parameter will be blank if no customer is currently logged in.


Nothing on the radar


Fable - Junior Front End Developer
Fable is looking for a Junior Front End Developer who will be responsible for maintaining multiple Shopify stores through building features, landing pages, and ensuring a delightful web experience. You will work closely across multiple departments on product launches, marketing campaigns and conversion rate optimization projects.
Prismfly - Lead Full-Stack Shopify Engineer (Remote + US Based)
Come join our fast-growing team! We are seeking to hire an experienced Lead Full-Stack Shopify Engineer who can oversee a team of developers, with the ultimate objective of providing the utmost client satisfaction. If you believe you are a fit, let’s talk.
Switch Themes, Content Marketer, Remote
Switch Themes design and build premium Shopify themes that are sold exclusively on the Shopify theme store. We currently have 5 themes on the theme store - with our most recent theme Shapes launching this year. We’re looking for our first marketing hire, to take full ownership in what will be a new area of focus for Switch.

Tip of the Week

Screenshots and Recordings on OSX

I find it necessary to take a screenshot almost every day.

Beyond the basics it turns out that there are lots of options and useful screenshort cuts that are easy to overlook.

Level up your screenshot-fu: The Complete Guide to Taking Screenshots and Screen Recordings on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch