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13th December 2021

Tailwind CSS

Another framework that has become indispensable in my daily development is Tailwind CSS. Instead of writing custom CSS classes for everything, which quickly becomes hard to maintain, Tailwind allows you to simply add pre-existing classes to your HTML.

Admittedly, the utility-first concept is quite a paradigm shift if you're coming from traditional CSS frameworks. However, I, along with many others, have become convinced by utility-first CSS after experiencing just how flexible and powerful it can be.

A lightbulb moment for me was when I saw this talk on Functional CSS at Scale and realised that utility-first starts to make a lot more sense when used with a modern component system (e.g. React, Vue, etc).

P.S. The guys just launched Tailwind v3 last week, so now is a great time to check it out if you haven't before.
Check out Tailwind CSS
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