Five pieces of advice for more accessible websites 
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Accessibility is an important consideration in our work. These first two articles, while not Shopify specific, should help!

News & Articles

Five pieces of advice for more accessible websites
To improve stats for an annual accessibility report, start with these five quick wins that will make your site much more accessible.
Accessible Target Sizes Cheatsheet
Practical guidelines to prevent rage taps and rage clicks with accessible tap targets for icons, links and buttons — on desktop and on mobile. With useful techniques and guidelines.
Beyond Best Practices: 7 Split Testing Discoveries That Defy Assumptions - Virtual Shopify Meetup
This talk with Kurt Elster from Ethercycle delves into the importance of split testing for making data-driven decisions in website design, highlighting 7 surprising split test results.
How To Add Stylish Color Swatches in Shopify
In this tutorial video, you'll learn how to add stylish color swatches to your Shopify product pages without the need for any additional apps or plugins. The video covers adding color swatches to various popular themes including Dawn 9.0.0, Sense 9.0.0, Refresh 9.0.0, Ride 9.0.0, and Origin 9.0.0.
How to hide out of stock products
Maximize your Shopify store's efficiency by learning how to hide out-of-stock products. In this video, you'll get step-by-step instructions on how to make sure your store only displays products that are available for purchase
Shopify ajax add to cart tutorial
In this video you'll learn how to add ajax add to cart to a Shopify theme

Code & Tools

Shopify Theme Developer Leaderboard
The Theme Developer Rank is based on the customer experience. We rank theme developers using a score which combines total number of reviews and replies, average ratings across all themes, and % of customers which are ‘’Very Likely’' to recommend their themes to others.
The DatePicker component
The DatePicker component is a calendar picker UI that allows users to select a single date or a date range
Shopify Display
Make your store’s info shine with the all-new Display, powered by the Shopify Counter app.
Perform bulk operations with the GraphQL Admin API
With the GraphQL Admin API, you can use bulk operations to asynchronously fetch data in bulk. The API is designed to reduce complexity when dealing with pagination of large volumes of data. You can bulk query any connection field that's defined by the GraphQL Admin API schema.