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Rails 7.0: Fulfilling a vision
Rails is a great framework for Shopify app development. If you haven't looked at it recently it's worth your time to catch up on the state of Rails
Adding a Recently Viewed Products Section to the Shopify Minimal Theme
Follow along with Thomas as he builds out a section to display recently viewed products
How to Auto-Add Products & Discount to Shopify Cart via URL
This quick tip shows how to auto-add a product to your cart and automatically redirect to the Shopify checkout page (Shopify calls it a cart permalink).
The Time Napoleon Was Attacked by Rabbits
History tells us that Napoleon’s most upsetting defeat came at Waterloo. Or it may have occurred eight years earlier, after the French emperor was attacked by a relentless horde of rabbits.

Code & Tools

The Wrong Abstraction
This is one of my favorite articles on software development by Sandi Metz.
I've seen problems where folks were trying valiantly to move forward with the wrong abstraction, but having very little success. Adding new features was incredibly hard, and each success further complicated the code (cont)
Shopify Metafields - How to use Custom Fields
Shopify Metafields and how to use them with the online store 2.0 updates. A brand new native solution for adding custom fields!
An Integration template for connecting to Shopify with Linx.
See how to leverage Shopify webhooks to integrate with Linx, a development platform to build and host APIs, automations and integrations without the need for code, frameworks or infrastructure. For example, you can rely on webhooks to trigger an action in your app when a customer creates a cart, or when a merchant creates a new product in their Shopify admin. By using webhooks subscriptions you can make fewer API calls overall, which makes sure that your apps are more efficient and update quickly.



Minor UI changes for the Location card in Shipping and Location Settings
The location card no longer displays the phone number in the shipping settings, and the `manage` button in location settings is removed. To manage the location, simply click on the Location card.
Canada sales tax liability insights 🇨🇦
Making more sales in Canada? With sales tax liability insights it’s easy to understand when you are required to collect taxes from your customers.


Make better supply chain decisions with in-context product analytics
Introducing new inventory metrics, accessible right within your products admin, to help you make better supply chain and stocking decisions based on data.


Introducing the new Shopify Flow
An all-new Shopify Flow app is now generally available for merchants on Shopify Plus. The new Flow has many improvements, including a new editor, allowing you to build many new types of automations.


Shopify Payments for POS now available in Belgium
Shopify Payments for POS now available in Belgium


Front-end Web Developer
Kinful is looking for an experienced front-end Shopify web developer in Charleston, SC, and/or remote
Affiliate Manager, Remote, Canada
Rewind is looking for an affiliate manager who will lead and oversee the Affiliate media channel. Your role is to own the performance of this channel and ensure that business strategies, plans, and initiatives are executed.
Front-End, Freelance
Aaron is looking for 2 contractor/freelance front-end developers for projects starting in 2022. He's looking to create a small tight knit team to focus on theme development. React experience is a huge plus.
Senior Front-end Shopify Developer
Series Eight is hiring a Senior Front-end Shopify Developer. Preferred Locations: EU / UK / RSA

Tip of the Week

Why do JavaScript developers still use semi-colons though it's not required anymore?

As someone who admittedly considers themselves a rubyist first and a javascript developer (a distant) second, this is something I have also wondered about.

Fortunately there's an answer to this question and it exposes some of the prickly parts about working with Javascript as a language

Check out this reply from an interesting twitter thread to learn the answer for yourself!

Thanks to Segun Ajibola for this week's tip.